Cracher dans la soupe Parfum

Parfum Natale

Parfum Natale is the first line of CRACHER DANS LA SOUPE PARFUM. The line was inspired by farming, harvesting and eating biodynamic fruits and vegetables from the Similkameen Valley. The seasonal nature of farming ignites the sense of smell. With changes of season, the air changes, skin changes, habits and cravings change. Launched in Winter 2017, Parfum Natale offers scents to suit the changing climate.

Parfum Natale is the first fragrance line crafted for the cold, wet winters and slow, mild summers of the Pacific Northwest. Unlike most fragrances, these cold-climate perfumes highlight all the most exciting and sensual aspects of the damp coastal weather on your skin.

Perfume is affected as much by our environment as by our unique bodies. Parfum Natale shows its different facets in different locations around the world, but is most at home on the North West Coast.

Samples are available free of charge, at the cost of shipping.

Each scent in the Parfum Natale line is available as a Parfum or and Eau de Parfum. These are the most concentrated forms of natural perfume, and last between 5 - 10 hours on the skin, depending on your personal body chemistry. Both Parfum and Eau de Parfum are available in a small and a large size for purchase.

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