Parfum Natale is the first line of CRACHER DANS LA SOUPE PARFUM. It has come about through farming, harvesting and eating biodynamic fruits and vegetables from the Similkameen Valley. The seasonal nature of farming, harvesting and eating spills into the sense of smell. When the air changes, skin changes, habits change, cravings change. From Winter 2017, Parfum Natale is a seasonal perfume line, offering scents to suit the changing climate.

emperor field 1.jpg



Inspired by the soft citrus green fragrance of the first spring tulips. The Emperor is light, floral, creamy, herbal and naked. It may not be beach weather just yet, but this is all you need to wear.

Notes: White Grapefruit, Mimosa, Gold Bar Apricot, Red Sensation Pear, Coriander, Sweet Basil, Persian Galbanum, Giverny Water Lily and Mexican Tuberose

Extrait de Parfum: 15ml $120, 9ml $65

Eau de Parfum: 30ml $120, 15ml $70

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Sunnanu is my first attempt to capture the scent of a dream. In this dream Magnolia and Sandalwood trees grow in the clear turquoise water of a coastal lake. If you wade out toward the trees, their bark is warm and smooth on your face as your toes sink into the sandy pebbles beneath you. Loved ones call to you to look up as the petals take flight on the spicy floral breeze that wafts through nearby rhododendron, sweet grasses and blossoms on the shoreline.

Notes: Italian Bergamot, Peruvian Pink Pepper, white Rhododendron, Magnolia, Nootka Cypress, Guaiacwood, Palmarosa, Incense and Mysore Sandalwood

Extrait de Parfum 15ml $120, 9ml $70

Eau de Parfum 30ml $120, 15ml $65

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Cracher Dans La Soupe launched in Winter 2017 with Natale, the first fragrances crafted for the cold, wet winters of the Pacific Northwest. Unlike most fragrances, these cold-climate perfumes are intended to interact with damp coastal winter weather on your skin.



Flower of Mars

FLOWER OF MARS is available as an Extrait de  Parfum and as a Eau de Cologne. 

Scents: Black pepper, Italian Bergamot and Autumn-flowering Saffron and Osmanthus.

This Tea-inspired Cologne is an homage to seasonal eating and growing by the lunar calendar. It twists the classic sparkly citrus of Cologne into the dirty, floral remains at the bottom of the fortune tellers teacup.  

50ml $130    15ml $70

Sold out. Contact me if you would like to custom order.




Named for two fragrant Orchids, Miltoniopsis Santanaei and Oncidium Twinkle, SANTANAEI TWINKLE is a warm, creamy blend of earth and wood. Lie down with your cigarette in a soft bed of coastal moss, around you, you'll see tiny pale orchids blossoming.

It features spicy pink pepper, Bulgarian tobacco, Indonesian vetiver and Coastal soil.

50ml $130    15ml $70

Sold out. Contact me if you would like to custom order.



wells grey

WELLS GREY is the colour of painting at the end of a long night in mid-winter. Available as an Extrait de Parfum and Eau de Parfum, it is a green, woody, coniferous fragrance for those who long to get out of the office and into the mountains, snow and mud be damned. It is a long walk in the crisp damp of the forest after the rain.

The perfume is of Cypress, White Pine, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar and Witch Hazel.  

30 ml $120     15ml $70