Cracher dans la soupe Parfum

Cracher Dans La Soupe

is a natural botanical perfumery based in Vancouver, Canada, on un-ceded Coast Salish Territory. Each of the rare natural ingredients in the perfumes are ethically sourced and harvested. The oils, resins, herbs, grasses, woods, fruits and flowers are organic, wild-harvested and locally sourced whenever possible. The perfumes do not contain additives of any kind. As such, the pure perfumes are more sensitive than mass-produced and synthetic perfumes.  Each perfume is carefully designed, distilled and bottled by hand in small batches.



Cracher Dans la Soupe Parfum is an invitation to bask in the fragrant world of your deepest animal instincts. The line invites you to become a time-traveller, a manipulator of memory. Cracher Dans la Soupe takes not what cards it is dealt, but instead it takes the whole deck and the dealer.

The perfume line has come about through my artistic practice as a painter. The alchemical reactions of oils, minerals, colour and abstract form overlap into the sensory realms of taste, sound and especially scent. Cracher Dans la Soupe Parfum is a new project launching in December 2017, exploring the intricate sensual relationships between fragrance, narrative and memory.    

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CRACHER DANS LA SOUPE Parfums, Eau de Parfums and Colognes are available in 50ml and 15ml travel bottles. Samples are also currently available.


Bespoke Perfumes

I am interested in working with individuals to create unique, one of a kind fragrances. For more information about bespoke botanical scents, please contact me



I am interested in working with local essential oil, alcohol and extract producers. If you are such a one and would like to chat, please contact me.